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Strawbale Advocacy

Ben Polley is one of the leading advocates for the straw bale building movement in Ontario.  Ben has been educating self-builders and construction industry professionals through seminars and hands-on workshops across the province since 2000. He is a past advisor and instructor for Seventh Generation Community Projects, Everdale Environmental Learning Centre, and Pangea Partnership.  A Green Party veteran, Ben advocated for Building Code improvements as a candidate for MPP in two consecutive provincial elections garnering accolades and unprecedented popular support.

Harvest Homes is one of the founding members of the Ontario Straw Bale Building Coalition, an advocacy, research and educational not-for-profit organization that has been helping to build the acceptance of straw bale building practices in Ontario for almost a decade, spearheading the Ontario movement toward a more environmentally responsible built environment.

Currently Ben is a popular guest lecturer at Ryerson University, Ontario College of Art and Design and Contestoga College.