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The escalating trend toward greener living culminates this spring at the National Home Show with a fully constructed house that Thinks, Drinks and Breathes™, presented by Harrowsmith Country Life. A first for its innovative, sustainable home ideas, this full model straw bale home display demonstrates unique initiatives that make an immediate environmental difference.

The house that Thinks, Drinks and Breathes™ features sustainable construction and living and combines historic building techniques, natural materials and the most state-of-the-art appliance fixtures, monitoring, control and comfort systems for modern living. This display home is sure to be an enormous draw for visitors seeking ideas and information on how to create more environmentally-friendly living alternatives that are affordable and stylish.

“This new environmental concept and educational feature will offer visitors to the show different ways to think about building and installing and the use of environmental products for construction and renovation,” explains 2003 National Show Manager Christine Nattrass.

Designed and built by Ben Polley of Harvest Homes, together with landscape architecture by Brad Peterson, the house that Thinks, Drinks and Breathes™ is the main feature of the Healthy Living area, a new offering at this year’s show focusing on proactive environmental responsibility, consciousness and most importantly – earth friendly products for building and renovation projects.

How this sustainable home works:

Thinks: Homes have many appliances, fixtures and lights controlled by independent timers, thermostats and wall switches. This home will coordinate their use and generate cost savings and implement technologies normally used in large industrial and commercial applications.

Drinks: This home and its landscape will soak up excess water when storage is low and slowly release water and moisture when it is plentiful in an effort to address concerns about both quality and conservation of this essential resource. The residence will also minimize water demand through water reduction strategies and recycling waste-water.

Breathes: A combination of unique air purification systems, materials selected for their inert properties and different lifestyle options will offset the threat of chemical off-gassing common in construction and household materials.

“We hope to capture your imagination and expect that everyone who experiences a tour of this home will discover at least one idea that they can imagine incorporating into their own homes,” explains designer and builder Ben Polley.
Following the National Home Show, the house that Thinks, Drinks and Breathes ™ will be disassembled and rebuilt at the non-profit Everdale Environmental Learning Centre. Located just north of Toronto, Everdale provides hands-on public education in sustainable living.

“Show goers won’t be surprised to learn that Harrowsmith Country Life magazine has sponsored the house that Thinks, Drinks and Breathes. It’s precisely the kind of house we love to feature in the pages of the magazine, “ explains Tom Cruickshank, editor of Harrowsmith Country Life.

Since it’s inception 27 years ago, Harrowsmith Country Life has been educating and entertaining readers on all aspects of country living and healthy lifestyle alternatives. Harrowsmith Country Life appeals to Canadians who love to garden, renovate their homes and entertain family and friends. Harrowsmith Country Life is the official media sponsor of the Healthy Living Area and this unique earth friendly home.

For additional information on the house that Thinks, Drinks and Breathes™, please contact Ben Polley of Harvest Homes at 1 -866-231-1100 or visit . For information on the 2003 National Home Show, April 4th – 13th call 416-385-1880 or visit

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