mobEE portable strawbale eco-classroooms going international!

Small-sized logo for mobEE eco-friendly portable classroom naturally built portables are going on a school trip – from Ontario to California!

Manufacturer and bale builder Harvest Homes of Guelph, Ontario announced today the first international sale of its new line of efficient, healthy school portables.

The Pinoleville Pomo Nation in remote northern California has partnered with Harvest Homs’ sister company, Evolve Builders Group Inc, to design and deliver six custom Small-sized logo for mobEE eco-friendly portable classroom building modules to create a permanent two-classroom preschool complete with shared performance space and bathrooms.

“We are proud to be part of a worldwide first: the transcontinental, transnational production and delivery of a modular school building fabricated with safe, efficient and healthy strawbale walls” stated Harves Homes and Evolve co-owner Ben Polley. “It is fitting that this announcement follows our recent 10th anniversary celebration of Home Alive™ which when designed by Harvest Homes also made us the first to prefabricate a house using panelized straw bale walls. Small-sized logo for mobEE eco-friendly portable classroom portables build on this past success”

After extended bid requests for a strawbale constructed portable school structure failed to garner interest locally or elsewhere across the U.S., determined Pinoleville Native American Head Start program representatives discovered Evolve’s Small-sized logo for mobEE eco-friendly portable classroom eco-portables. Both parties came to learn that they held in common many organizational values, including support for local jobs, environmental stewardship, healthy buildings and energy efficiency. This inspired a joint effort that ultimately will meet Pinoleville Pomo Nation’s ideals, needs and budget.

“We are thrilled to have found an economical means to provide our students a new learning environment that meets our mission of using innovative and sustainable practices for building” says Jennifer McGowan, Head Start Director, Pinoleville Native American Head Start.

Custom designed Small-sized logo for mobEE eco-friendly portable classroom modules together with a stripped down scope of prefabrication will allow for strategic use of local labour to install, complete and finish the structure, simultaneously maximizing economic benefit to the Pinoleville residents and reducing net cost.

Evolve will fabricate Small-sized logo for mobEE eco-friendly portable classroom’s signature robust steel undercarriage and strawbale walls together with a highly insulated floor and roof, all complete with electrical wiring. Pinoleville Pomo Nation contractors shall prepare a foundation, mate the six mobEE modules to each other on site then apply finishes such as wall paint and flooring. Plumbing and HVAC systems will also be provided by local forces. All will be ready for the September start of the 2015/16 school year.

Pinoleville Pomo Nation will receive the Small-sized logo for mobEE eco-friendly portable classroom modules after their long 4200 km (2600 mile) haul in early summer 2015. Site assembly is expected to take less than two days. Other finishes will be added through the summer. Preschoolers will start the school year in September in their exciting new facility.

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