Strawbale & shou sugi ban house with green roof

Modern strawbale house earns plaudits on TreeHugger

International praise continues to roll in for strawbale house replete with modern detailing

Renowned architect and editor Lloyd Alter applied his critical eye to this design by Nicolas Koff of K-OALA as brought to life by Evolve and came away impressed.

In Nicolas’ words: “I really appreciate the way [Lloyd] approached the article, starting as a skeptic and gradually validating the project through his own research and second opinions.”

In both this and an earlier article in dezeen, some readers posted concerned comments about fire and rot/moisture resistance of the straw bale walls and varying questions about the Sho Sugi Ban siding. Our own Ben Polley addressed these commonly held misconceptions with his on replies. TreeHugger and dezeen are ideal platforms to hear, then dispel (and occasionally, confirm) the myths that make so many still use conventional materials when perfectly appropriate and preferable methods exist.

We are so very pleased by the favorable coverage that such publications provide to “alternative” builders like ourselves and our contemporaries.

Take a read hereĀ

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