Finished Straw Bale Exteriors

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Living proof that straw bale structures can fit into any neighborhood, these environmentally friendly homes can look as unique or as mainstream as you like.

Straw bale buildings often feature unique, distinguished architectural details to meet the particular whimsy of each owner.  At the same time however many are intentionally rendered (pun intended) indistinguishable from their conventional housing contemporaries. Except for the thickness of the walls you might never know that a building was constructed using such a green or “alternative” building materials.

As unique or as mainstream as you like. Whatever your preferred building aesthetic or favorite architectural period. In our skilled hands, straw bale walls provide you with limitless creative opportunities.

Since our passion is building rather than photography, the projects you find in this portfolio represent but a small sampling of the healthy, sustainable buildings we have built out of straw bales over the years.