Timber & Straw

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A beautiful combination of soaring timber frame and straw bale construction.

We built this unique straw bale home hidden away in the Horseshoe Valley for great people who began as clients and finished as friends.  We look back fondly not only to the aesthetic result of the finished work, but to the lasting relationships that we forged in the process.

There are a lot of variables that can strain the relationships between homeowners and builders during the process of building a custom home. When you add alternative and/or natural building materials like straw bales into the equation, the potential for unforeseen challenges is compounded further. And when the homeowner wishes to work alongside the builders and even complete some of the items on their own, there is the very real potential for disaster. Most conventional contractors would simply refuse to allow it.

But Harvest Homes is not a conventional contractor, nor would we want to prevent homeowners from having the experience of connecting with their home on a more personal level. The owners of this gorgeous soaring timber frame house participated on some level in just about every step of the construction process, and we came away from the project having not only built an exceptional example of natural construction, but having formed lasting bonds of friendship and camaraderie.