Finished Straw Bale Interiors

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Straw bale construction is much more than just a building-trade – it is an artisinal craft.

Whether your interest is the dead sharp lines and hard corners prevalent in contemporary design, a more organic flowing approach, or the visual relief of intentionally visible marks of hand-troweling, all can be accomplished with straw bale walls. In the right hands, there is total freedom of design expression with this eco-friendly material that is equal parts tough and flexible.

Our skilled craftspeople love to collaborate and explore options with you. Shadow line reveals, plaster returns, niches carved into the walls, reliefs flowing out from the walls, integral window benches, and tile mosaics are among the custom details we have fashioned to our clients requests. And of course, we cannot forget the obligatory though frequently personalized truth windows…just to prove to friends and family who look with awe, “yes, this really is built with straw!”