• Off-The-Grid Home

    Our straw and plaster crews have fond memories of a summer spent lakeside, raising this tastefully appointed home. Completely off-the-grid, this modestly sized yet carefully detailed lakeside homestead was collaboratively designed by

  • Timber & Straw

    A beautiful combination of soaring timber frame and straw bale construction. We built this unique straw bale home hidden away in the Horseshoe Valley for great people who began as

  • Home Alive!

    Home Alive: The Home that Thinks, Drinks and Breathes. Harvest Homes founder, Ben Polley, designed and oversaw construction of this model home to demonstrate how to intelligently address today’s housing and ecological challenges in northern

  • Pelican Eyes Hotel, Nicaragua

    Pelican Eyes Hotel in Nicaragua was constructed using Straw Bales by a local workforce under the direction of Harvest Homes. Piedras y Olas is dubbed Pelican Eyes in English. Indeed,

  • A modern-loooking straw-bale home finished with cement-lime plaster

    Finished Straw Bale Exteriors

    Living proof that straw bale structures can fit into any neighborhood, these environmentally friendly homes can look as unique or as mainstream as you like. Straw bale buildings often feature unique,

  • Finished Straw Bale Interiors

    Straw bale construction is much more than just a building-trade – it is an artisinal craft. Whether your interest is the dead sharp lines and hard corners prevalent in contemporary design, a more organic

Our Services

Photo for Natural Plasterers

Natural Plasterers

Applying old-world techniques & sustainable, earth-friendly materials, our plasterers treat your house as functional art. We do custom built-ins, niches & architectural reliefs, & offer a wide range of plasters & finishes.

Photo for Straw Bale Builders

Straw Bale Builders

Energy efficient, healthy, natural, fun, artistic and even fire resistant. What more could you wish for your home or cottage? Building commercial or office space? Consider our straw bale walls for most every need.

Photo for Permit-Ready Plans

Permit-Ready Plans

Want to design your own custom strawbale dream home? Prefer purchasing building permit and construction-ready plans? Give our in-house designer a call. She'd be happy to work with you to design a healthy, energy-efficient strawbale house!

Photo for Strawbale Consulting

Strawbale Consulting

Sometimes it's wise to have an experienced contractor review your project. We come to your site with our years of straw bale construction experience and show you what you're doing right - and what you may be doing wrong!

Photo for Turnkey Construction

Turnkey Construction

Haven’t the time or interest to oversee construction of your strawbale dream home yourself? Our parent company Evolve Builders Group can take care of all of your green building needs, with impeccable quality - on time and on budget every time.

Photo for Specialty Products

Specialty Products

Tenax plaster mesh, stitching needles, fiberglass-framed windows, eco-friendly paints and more. Our straw bale specialty products are available cash and carry in Guelph, or shipped directly to sites across Ontario. Call today for details.