Haven’t the time or interest to oversee construction of your straw bale project yourself?

Our parent company Evolve Builders Group can do it all with impeccable quality, on time and on budget – every time.

Evolve is a fully integrated builder. They not only manage the work, they also have the skilled teams who perform most of the tasks. Rather than an endless stream of faceless subcontractors, we have many of the same skilled staff involved from the first hole in the ground until the last stroke of paint.

And as a Tarion New Home Warranty approved builder, with Evolve you receive all of the post-construction assurances as would the owner of any new home in Ontario.

If you want to point just one finger and have your healthy, natural straw bale building completed for you, we are uniquely capable to do so. And if you want to impart some of yourself and participate on a some tasks of interest or important to you, then we are happy to divide our respective responsibilities to suit.

Give us a call to discuss just how you see your project playing out (or roll over the Evolve logo below for more information on our parent company).