Straw Bale Building Videos

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Straw Bale Building Videos

The Harvest Homes Hustle!

At Harvest Homes, building with bales is all about working quickly and efficiently while still having lots of fun. This funny little straw bale building video embodies both of these ideals. Filmed during the season of 2012, it highlights one of plastering lead-hand Trever Miller’s infamous “Trevisms”: The infamous “Hustle!” (Which, according to Trever, really means “You’re doing great, but I know you can go faster! I believe in you!!” But if you talk to the rest of the crew, the jury is still out on that one).


Harvest Homes Founder Ben Polley Interviewed on MTV

Harvest Homes founder Ben Polley is interviewed by MTV in one of our favorite straw bale building videos. The interview was filmed during a recent seminar and workshop at the Grass Roots retail store in Toronto.


Harvest Homes’ Chris Vander Hout Builds his Off-Grid Straw Bale Homestead

The television program “Body and Health” profiled Evolve co-founder Chris Vander Hout’s construction of his off-grid home using straw bales and many other alternative building materials. Architect Martin Liefhebber and his green / alternative architecture firm “Breathe Architects” were contracted to design this unique off-grid home. The combination of environmentally-conscious clients and bold architecture lead to some pretty interesting design choices, including straw bale walls, living roofs, composting toilets and solar power.


Careers TV Profiles Harvest Homes for Ontario Straw Bale Building

Harvest Homes founder Ben Polley is profiled by Career TV. The episode is filmed during the construction of an off-grid home in Muskoka, Ontario. The house is built using straw bale construction.


The Great Outdoorsman Visits the Everdale Environmental Learning Centre

The Canadian outdoor program The Great Outdoorsman profiles the Everdale Environmental Learning Centre. The episode begins with a focus on Everdale housing, primarily looking at the now somewhat famous “Home Alive” autonomous off-grid house built by Harvest Homes founder Ben Polley.


Autonomous / Off-Grid Concept Home “Home Alive” Live-in Demonstration

News coverage of the opening day at the “live-in demonstration” of a fully autonomous, off-grid straw bale home called “Home Alive – The House that Thinks, Drinks and Breaths.” The experimental home is now open to the public every Saturday, after being moved from the National Home Show in Toronto to it’s final destination at the Everdale Environmental Learning Center.


Town and Country Checks out the Home Alive Autonomous Straw Bale House

The “Home Alive” autonomous / off-grid straw bale home at Everdale Environmental Centre in Hillsburg Ontario gets visited by the television program Town and Country