Our Portfolio

  • Nature is one of our best teachers. We return the favour with low impact products, technology and design
  • Getting more from less means good design, proper installation and an inspired vision
  • Artistic. Tasteful. Beautiful.
  • High Park Straw Bale Community Kitchen

    Knowing about food is important It’s important to know where it was grown. It’s important how to prepare it. It’s important to know what tastes good. And its important to

  • Contemporary Straw Bale Home

    K-House by Architect Nicolas Koff (Office OU) This Evolve Builders project featured a straw bale insulated house cladded with white plaster and charred cedar Shou Sugi Ban wood siding. This

  • Off-The-Grid Home

    An off grid home designed with passive solar principles in mind, this house significantly heats itself with nothing more than the sun.

  • Timber & Straw

    A natural confluence of wood and plaster confers a sense of both strength and elegance.

  • Home Alive!

    The House that Thinks, Drinks and Breathes - the feature home at the 2003 National Home Show was volunteer-built with straw!

  • Pelican Eyes Hotel, Nicaragua

    A stunning hotel that spurred a rash of straw bale construction in the surrounding village.

  • Finished Straw Bale Exteriors

    From purposefully mainstream to elaborately unique, we love all that can be done with straw - come see what we mean.

  • Finished Straw Bale Interiors

    Strawbale construction is much more than just a building-trade, it is an artisinal craft - come explore a few examples of our recent work.