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Harvest Homes Founder Ben Polley Speaking at Natural Building Symposium at 33rd Annual Guelph Organic Conference

Evolve founder Ben Polley will be among the invited speakers at a Natural Building Symposium, to be held at the 33rd annual Guelph Organic Conference. Symposium organizer and architect Ingrid Cryns, Ben Polley and Melinda Zytaruk will collaborate in an open discussion on the current state and need for natural building in Canada.

Enjoy some courtesy organic nibbles with a glass of organic wine while parrying topics including building technique overviews and practices, future-proofing and resilience, building codes, straw bale building, adobe, and more. Attendees will have further opportunity to chat together and network around an open cash bar thereafter.  Tickets available at or[email protected].

Price: $30;
Location: Room UC442, University Centre, University of Guelph;
Date: Thursday January 30, 2014