Want to design and build your own custom straw-bale dream home? Harvest Homes can help.

The planning and design phase of a straw bale building is key in the overall success of your project. We have extensive experience in preparing all necessary documents and blueprints to help you meet your local regulatory requirements and satisfy the needs of banks and insurance companies.

Initial Consultation

Let our experience ensure that you make the best use of an important resource – your time. At this stage we can discuss early thoughts and sketches to determine feasibility, options and other considerations toward developing a project To-Do list. Quick feedback and suggested further research at this point can help you avoid impractical or mutually exclusive options and allow you to proceed in a direct and confident manner.


We assist you to design spaces that reflect your values, needs and interests. Most importantly we design to fit your budget – at key milestones in the design process, we can put on our knowledgeable builders’ hats and generate an accurate estimate of future construction costs so that you can then decide where best to apply your money in the design. We can create the floor plan and elevation drawings or even construct a 3-D model to assist in this process. We can generate complete materials lists and specifications for you to use with suppliers and subcontractors. You finish with a concept that meets your intentions and allows you to apply your monetary resources to those things most important to you.

Have an architect or another designer in mind? Let us provide the expert knowledge that they may require to make best and most appropriate use of this material in their design.

Building Code Approved Plans

We supply engineer-approved drawings that are necessary for obtaining municipal building permits and key for obtaining accurate quotes from subcontractors. We can also compile HVAC designs and calculations, septic designs and any of the other components necessary specific to your needs.

Having one party responsible for comprehensive and holistic documents helps ensure a smooth permit application process and construction start.

Contact us for plans designed by people who work with straw day in and day out.