Traditional, old-world plastering is a disappearing art.

Although drywall tapers and synthetic stucco (a.k.a. EIFS or “Full-System”) installers are common in Ontario, it’s hard to find a traditional cement-lime plasterers any longer. It’s even harder to find a traditional plasterer experienced in application of natural plasters such as earth-render and clay. Harvest Homes and our sister company, Fermata, have researched extensively and trained their crews in order to help resurrect this ancient art.

Today, we have developed a core skilled team of traditional, old-world plasterers. And we are always apprenticing others to become the next masters of the hawk and trowel.

Whether lime, cement-lime, earthen plaster or clay veneer, we work our craft in the ways of old – with buckets, wheelbarrows, pulleys and lots of good old fashioned elbow grease. We’re told that it is a bit of a spectacle to watch us at work; however, the real spectacle comes after the work is done.

Building a house with bales or an econest with light-clay straw? Our team can finish and texture the walls expertly and artistically. Durisol block? We can lay each coarse or just apply the appropriate finishes, inside and out. Seeking a unique, natural finish for your new or existing drywall walls? Our clay veneers fashion a suede-like finish that will have visitors querying you about the natural beauty they exude.

Your walls will do more than keep out the wind and the rain. They do more than simply replace exterior cladding or interior drywall. With Harvest Homes, your walls become functional art.

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